Become a Team Once Again
How to reunite a team when its members has outgrown it
and rushed to their own heights
The more progress your team members make,
the more they strive to choose their own growth path.

The result is lower effectiveness.

This case is for you if...

Your team members are grown fast professionally and expanded their skills and experience
You believe that only an independent leader is able to reunite
your team
once again

You need to get
a team that's
a common goal
once more

Your team members regularly get incredible work offers
and that becomes a hurdle

Together with your team we will...

Clarify your goals
to make
them inspiring

With the CRAFT methodology of role modelling
Rewrite team roles to make the work meaningful
Using archetype theory
Produce values
reunite it
According to value management method
Bring back the atmosphere of co-creation and support
On every level
from values to rituals
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